Thank you for your support!

Please check out my groups blog, Are modern technologies invading our privacy?! It would mean the world.Hi everybody, I am itching to get back to blogging as soon as finals are OVER. I have been baking here and there, but nothing truly spectacular to share with you guys. This post is regarding a final project for English at school. Essentially, our project was to choose a human right and select a way in which to spread awareness about it. My group chose the Right to Privacy, which we felt was a prominent issue in our day and time with technologies such as cellphones, Facebook, and Google that are so incredibly widespread. Our grade depends on the content, the views we receive and the awareness we are able to spread, and I would really appreciate it if you would take a couple minutes to read a post or comment.

Here is the link: Are modern technologies invading our privacy?

Thank you so much everybody for bearing with me!



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