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OC Weekend and eats

A few weeks ago, my mom and I took a trip to Orange County while my dad and brother were at a basketball tournament in San Diego! We had a great time, and ate lots of yummy things! I adore going to Orange County because they have tons of my so-called hippie restaurants, like Native Foods, Cafe Gratitude in LA ( which unfortunately we didn’t get to go to), etc. They also have the BEST grocery stores. They have Whole Foods and of course, TJ’s, but they also have a place called Mother’s, and Lazy Acres, and Bristol Farms. And I have to say, the hot food at Lazy Acres was like the best thing ever. So good. Mother’s also had a really nice cafe with tons of smoothies, juices, and  a HUGE vegan/vegetarian menu to pick from. I had a hard time choosing!

To start off, I went to Native Foods in the Camp on Bristol street! I had been really really wanting to come here because their menu looked absolutely stunning and delicious and totally my kind of food. I was NOT disappointed.
I had an asian-inspired bowl with TONS of steamed kale, broccoli, carrots, cabbage, brown rice and sesame tofu on top. It was served with this absolutely super super super super SUPER delish ginger peanut curry sauce. Its in the background of the second picture, by the way. I cannot even stress how GOOD that stuff was. I think it was made for my taste buds…. jeez….
P1080296 P1080297
At the cafe in Mother’s, my mom had a salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, carrots, cukes, beets, and romaine, along with their tuna salad and a side of their quinoa.
I choose an acai smoothie bowl! I hit the spot because it was really really hot outside.
Now…. onto the not so healthy stuff… hehe. We went to the Orange County Fair on Saturday night, and I saw this huge stand of fried food. I couldn’t decide wether to get the fried oreos or the fried cookie dough. You’ll see what I picked soon.
I have to say, they were very interesting. Like oreos inside of a donut. Definitely a total YOLO food, and I’m happy I tried them. Did I like them? They were okay, I think I would prefer something less along the lines of heart attack food though.
The next morning, we went to this bomb donut shop called Sidecar donuts. It is like Psycho donuts were I live, but much less crazy and ten times more gourmet. I’m talking about a Monte Cristo donut, on the very left of that picture (a donut stuffed with ham and cheese), and a Huckleberry donut (2nd picture), which has a huckleberry glaze (with huckleberries from oregon!), and huckleberries inside the donut. The apricot donut was also incredible, and it was a donut stuffed with an apricot filling that was just so sweet and tangy and vibrant. It also had a citrus glaze on top.
We took our donuts to the beach!
All in all, I had an awesome time in Orange County and I really like it there! Its definitely a nice change from where I live in Northern California.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the photos!



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