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Personal Pizzas of the night

We had a Pizza night, yes! I absolutely love love love pizza nights. Especially personal pizza nights were we all get to create our own. Well, semi-personal nights. We all kind of shared. Except me, who eats neither pepperoni or anchovies.

Our pizza dough was from Smitten Kitchen, and we followed the recipe exactly! We loved it and my mom really enjoyed the fact that it had wine in it.

These were our topping choices:

Cheese: TJ’s 3 cheese blend, TJ’s Quatro Formaggio, and TJ’s Ricotta. Can’t you tell we hate Trader Joe’s?

First pizza was Adam’s pepperoni, tomato sauce, fresh tomatoes (from the garden!) quatro formaggio, and olives.

Came out like this!

Next up was mine: pesto, ricotta, quatro formaggio, olives, and fresh tomatoes.

Yes, please.

Last was my mom’s: anchovies, fresh tomatoes, quatro formaggio, ricotta, sauce, and olives.

No after pic for this one, sorry! We were too busy chowing down.

Hope you guys enjoyed seeing our pizza dinners!



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