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Fig, Strawberry and Avocado Massaged Kale Salad

Blogging time again! Kind of a long-time-no-see, because I’ve been in Orange County with my mom for the past few days on a work/vacation trip! I had a wonderful time shopping, going to the beach, and eating some GREAT food! (There will be a later post detailing the food we ate!) Anyways, we made this kale salad before we left, one night after a hot pilates class. I for sure was pretty hungry, but didn’t want to eat something heavy before bed. Earlier in the day I had read about massaging kale, and it looked like a great idea and then this salad was born. This salad has pretty much all my favorite ingredients in it: fruit, avocado, goat cheese, and honeyed slivered almonds. My goodness those are SO good.


Wow, I want another right now!

Before I continue with the pictures, let me inform you guys on massaging kale. I’ve got a few great articles that I’ve read, which I will link here and here. Anyways, it is a really easy step to making your salad and I would highly recommend taking the few minutes to do it, unless you want that chewy, semi-bitter kale taste in your salad. It may be for some people, but not for me! Essentially you tear the kale into bite sized pieces, dress it with olive oil, salt, and lemon, put it in a bowl, and massage it with your hands! Plus, this also gives your hands a good moisturizing treatment! (My mom loves doing it.)



Fig, Strawberry and Avocado Massaged Kale Salad

Inspired by the Hungry Healthy Girl’s Massaged Kale Salad with Strawberry Avocado Dressing

Serves 2

About 3/4 bag kale that is pre-shredded, or most of a bunch
A whole avocado
5-7 strawberries, sliced
2-3 figs, sliced
Crumbled goat cheese
1/3 cup (or more) slivered almonds
A tablespoon and a half lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon sea salt
A tablespoon olive oil (you may adjust this amount depending on if you are adding dressing, or how much kale you have)

Add the kale to a medium mixing bowl along with the salt and lemon juice. Massage the kale for five minutes, or until leaves are sweet and tender. Add the olive oil and give one more quick massage. Add the strawberries, figs, avocado, goat cheese, and almond on top. Do not toss unless you want sort of an avocado dressing- I prefer to have actual avocado chunks in my salad. Serve and enjoy!



3 thoughts on “Fig, Strawberry and Avocado Massaged Kale Salad

  1. This sounds like a lovely combination of ingredients! Gorgeous summery salad. It’s way too cold over here at the moment (I’m craving things like mashed potatoes) but I’ll bookmark this for the first sign of the sun! xx

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