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Review Time: Trader Joe’s Belgian Waffles

Today, I have a review for you all, and a bonus breakfast idea- yay!

I’ve decided to start with what I had for breakfast this morning, and it was amazingly delicious let me tell you.

I had a TJ’s Belgian waffle, toasted. Then buttered. Then on about 1/4 of it there was peanut butter, another 1/4 nutella, then the other half with maple syrup. Oh man… It was good. The maple syrup complemented the peanut butter and nutella, and soaked into the crisp waffle beautifully. I highly highly highly recommend it.




Look at that! ^^^

Now, for the review.

Here’s the low-down guys. It’s a frozen belgian waffle, comes in a pack of four. They are a pretty good size (3-ish inches a side), with 130 calories each, 2 grams of protein, 5 grams of fat, and 3 grams of sugar. Not too bad, right? The fat is a little high but these aren’t the kind of thing I would eat every day anyways. They are a product of Belgium, which I find a bit bothersome because of their carbon footprint, but they are SO good!

I toasted mine in my toaster oven, and it was perfect. No sogginess at all detected. It held all of my condiments perfectly and delivered a nice, light crunch. I love them. Enough said.

10 out of 10. No complaints here!

Hope you enjoyed this type of post!



2 thoughts on “Review Time: Trader Joe’s Belgian Waffles

  1. Hi Arianna,

    Thank you for trying out our Belgian Waffles, and the great appreciation you have for them, the carbon footprint is ok, if you keep in mind they come with a container on a giant ship that makes less CO2 than a container going from a waffle production plant by road to a different state 😉

    Andalso our factory uses all different kinds of energy effective measurements.


    • Davy,

      Thanks for your comment, you are absolutely right! Usually my family and try to buy local products, or at least ones from the U.S, but I’m glad to know that buying these delicious waffles from Belgium is alright.

      -Ari 🙂

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