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Food snapshots from my Florida trip (part 2)

Welcome to part 2 of my food from my Florida trip!

Yayyy! Part 2 is here! Let’s get started with… Easter candy!

Gosh guys. I really got some Easter candy this year. Like alot. Alot Alot. First, my mom bought me a double box of peeps, coconut eggs, and a huge bag of Robin’s Eggs (WHICH I ADORE), and then my Nana Susie gave me a whole other lovely basket filled to them brim with more candy. Ohhh my. There were kisses, and peeps, and Snickers eggs, and Almond Joy eggs, and malted milk balls, and marshmallow bunnies too.


Sorry for the blurry photo, but here was some of our Easter brunch spread! We had fruit salad, ricotta pie, rice pie, pistachios, walnuts, carrot cake pancakes, bagels, and cream cheese. Man did I eat a lot.


The lovely fruit salad my Dad made, with agave drizzled over it.


And these were my carrot cake pancakes! Next time, I’ll tweak the recipe, because these took forever to cook. However, they tastes absolutely AMAZING.


Here is my Mom’s easter dinner plate:


It consisted of sauteed kale with onions and kalamata olives, mac and cheese, ham, and roasted asparagus.

The next morning, we left Indian Rocks Beach to go to Orlando! Harry Potter World here we come! And I have some butterbeer for you. Let me tell you, if I worked there, I’d be 300 pounds and have cavities. I would drink it every day. Gahhh.

We tried both kinds of butterbeer, the soda and the frozen slushy-ish one. I’d have to say I preferred the slushy one more, just because I could savor it longer, it was super hot that day, and because the lovely marshmallow-y foam on top didn’t disperse as much.

Here’s the soda one first:


And the frozen one:




Wow. I want more.

Anyways, this wraps up my Florida trip pics! Hope you liked them!



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