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SOTD 3/19/13

finished Collage sotd 31913

Another Snack of the Day post!

Today’s was another type of chip. Woops. I didn’t notice that before, I swear! I just really like my chips.

I suppose that gives me a really bad reputation.. but I promise I don’t only eat chips. Actually, when I do, I literally eat 4 or 5 and then I’m done. What happens is that I open the chip cabinet, see them, go weak in the knees, and then go for them. Just like that!

Anyways, these chips are slightly healthier than my last, which were the amazingly delicious Trader Joe’s Salt and Pepper potato chips. These are of course, made from sweet potatoes, rather than regular potatoes. Sweet potatoes have a good amount of beta carotene in them by the way, and I’m totally not just saying that to justify eating these. 🙂 These are awesome on their own, but I feel like they would be good with guacamole too. I like them with regular hummus as well, or with one of those laughing cow cheese triangles that are so incredibly addictive.

If you guys try these, comment and tell me how you like them! Or if you’ve tried them, tell me how you like them!


P.S. More recipes to come!!


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